We have developed over 70 bolt-ons for the VPCart system. They are fully documented and easy to install.

You can find out all you need to know about our software at  www.bigyellowkey.com

Demos:   www.bigyellowkey.com/demos
New bolt-ons:  www.bigyellowkey.com/whatsnew
Updated bolt-ons: www.bigyellowkey.com/updates

Here's an example of what we do

Predictive Searches
This type of search technology is used by sites such as Amazon and ebay. It provides a quick and convenient way for customers to easily find products. As customers type in their search terms they get an automatically generated list which changes letter by letter. It is easy to install and just needs to be uploaded and a couple of minor changes to be made (there are simple to follow instructions).

  • Displays results as customer types in their search
  • Quick & easy to install - needs no specialist skills
  • Light on system resources
  • Uses powerful search logic to deliver relevant results
For a one-off payment of £200 you can download all our VPCart bolt ons for a year (including upgrades)**.

**That's over £1,500 / $2,100 approx value when bought separately.

Check out our software download site for details: www.bigyellowkey.com
We will be regularly releasing new VPCart add-ons well as issuing regular functionality updates to existing modules. Pass-Holders will receive these absolutely FREE as and when they become available.
The Pass applies for a single VPCart installation. You can license additional installations for a small extra charge. If you need a pass for an additional test domain/subdomain or mirror/alias etc, then we'll add that to your pass for no extra charge; just contact us if you need that applied.
We wanted to introduce a cost effective way for customers to have a wider selection of VPCart add ons available and at the same time help finance future developments.
Simply email us at supportmail and we'll be happy to help. But please note that all technical support is done on a chargeable basis regardless of whether you use a Pass or buy an individual module.
No. The Pass only covers you getting the software, it does not include technical support. All technical support is done on a chargeable basis regardless of whether you use a Pass or buy an individual module.
There is no need to cancel a pass; they do not automatically renew, and you're covered for a year as soon as you've paid.
No. We do not renew the passes automatically when they expire. We'll send you an email when your pass expires, but then it's up to you if you want to buy another year, or buy individual modules/upgrades without a pass, or you can wait until you need a pass later on (eg when you upgrade your VPCart) and buy another year then.
Why spend your valuable time doing the technical stuff when we can take care of it for you.
As you can appreciate the time and complexity of installations varies with what needs installing and where. We are happy to provide this service at a very competitive cost but we need to find out as much information as we can from you.
Please email us at supportmail being sure to tell us what you want installing and the url of your website. We'll then get back to you as soon as we can.
We are continually developing our software to address any bug fixes and to implement new feature enhancements.

We offer upgrade protection on all our products. All our software comes with FREE 180 day upgrade protection, so if we make a new release within 180 days of your purchase you are entitled to a free upgrade.

Outside the 180 day period when new releases are available you can upgrade for a small charge based on the price of the product.

For a single upgrade the cost is 40% of the price.
For a permanent upgrade (i.e. upgrades forever) the cost is 80% of the price.

To check your software / upgrade status simply login to your BigYellowKey Account.

Upgrade prices are not relevant to Annual Pass holders as all upgrades are free while your pass is active.

Full license terms.
About Us
We have been working with VPCart since 2003. In that time we have developed over 70 bolt-ons and have worked with over many clients helping with installation and customisation.
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